TruSculpt: Best Fast Burning Biohack


What if I told you that you could lay on a physician’s table for an hour get slimmer and stronger in days with no surgery, needles or meds? You could B.S. right? Me too! But, I was wrong. Girl, Trusculpt might just be the biohack you’ve been looking for. TruSculpt is the smartest new non-invasive treatment for getting stronger and more slender…

What To Wear To A Holiday Party

Eric Javits Wool Beanie with veilREAD MORE

Holidays are for Happiness! Nothing makes me happier than nailing what to wear to a holiday party. Here’s how to dress up the perfect little black dress for any holiday party. Check out our unique accessories edit and new designer alert for holiday dressing.

What To Wear to Brunch In Brooklyn


Brunch in Brooklyn sounds like the perfect invitation, doesn’t it? Then comes the clunker – Where should we eat? What should I wear?  Webb On The Fly reached out to our fabulous home decor contributing editor, Rinat Lavi, who just opened a shop in Williamsburg, Marais Home, as our guide to the neighborhood.  Mi Casa […]

The More The Merrier: Opulent Holiday Dressing


Silks and velvet. Bright Bouquet Inspired hues. Fine feathers and faux furs. Too much?! Are you kidding? Never Enough is what I say! And as you can see, in our holiday post, shot on location at the headquarters of Manhattan’s hottest florist Raúl, some WOTF’s favorite designers couldn’t agree more.

The Mini Webb Backpack: GG Maull x VW


I lead an active life, so I need a bag that allows me to move through airports and cities with agility and confidence. That’s why I stand by GG MAULL,a female-founded indie brand that seeks to lift women up by designing multi-functional handbags that inspire action!

Fall Fashion 2019: Transition Dressing


Four Little Fashion Watch Words Every Woman Needs to Hear This Fall What’s a girl to wear? It’s such a struggle to dress for this weather, at least that’s how I feel. I mean, one second it’s toasty in the sunshine, then the next I’m shivering in the shadow as I scurry along these city […]

My Friend Menopause


Did you know September was national menopause month? No? Well, neither did I.  Actually, someone might have told me, and I just went ahead and forgot because I’ve got so much to do and too little estrogen to do it with. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write about menopause for a long time on the […]

Let’s Get OsteoStrong


“Bone loss! You can’t be serious?”  That was my reaction when my doctor made the diagnosis of 1% bone loss due to age-related osteoporosis. Although 1% is totally in the normal, acceptable range for a woman my age, yet, considering the amount of repetitive impact exercise I do like running and strength training, I was […]

Calcium Cheat Sheet


What’s the best calcium supplement? NONE. Well, that’s according to the medical center at Johns Hopkins University. Here’s a cheat sheet from Johns Hopkins, if you can. Let me just say, however, that even my health-conscious, mindful-eating self has a lot of trouble absorbing enough nutrients for bone health in my regular diet.

Talbots: It’s About The Pants


Hello, Fall!  Ladies, can we please talk about how to find pants that really fit?  All I want is a pair of everyday, perfect fitting, no-brainer pants to build my outfits around. I know I am not alone! According to a poll conducted by Talbots who surveyed over 2000 women, 92% of women agree that […]