Do you want to know what supermodels have in their handbags? Think Face, Neck, and Hands!


I use sunscreen 365 days a year to protect the three most telling areas above your waist when it comes to skin damage and aging. Below the waist, it’s thighs, knees, and feet that are the most vulnerable areas to damage from UV rays and changes caused by hormonal as weight fluctuations.

A rule of thumb for fresh beautiful looking hands and nails? Cuticle remover and cuticle cream every day it’s a simple way to make your manicure last twice as long. Use a hand lotion with sunscreen every time you wash your hands helps to slow the appearance of fine lines and  red rough looking knuckles.

Goodbye neck and shoulder pain!

Next on the list of can’t live without it do without it in my handbag is headphones. No “tech neck” for me, my friend. Cradling the phone between my chin and shoulder is guaranteed to give me soreness in the back of neck and between my shoulder blades. That translates into poor sleep and a sour mood Headphones cure the shoulder and neck pain issue. When I’m using my phone to write, I’ll prop my head up against the wall to stop myself from looking down or hunching my shoulders.

Mini-brushes are a must!

Blush, mascara and lipstick in cream, gloss, and lacquer formulas are a must. Use them alone, or layer for extra lovely color and luscious lip texture. The correct way to layer lipstick is cream first, lacquer second and finally gloss to for a bright pop of texture.

Reading Material

For a beautiful mind, I always have my e-reader with a challenging book and a fun book downloaded and ready to go when I’m ready to take a break. A pretty face and an empty head is not the look!

What are some of the beauty essentials that make you feel like a supermodel that you keep in your handbag?


PS. What’s your on-the go summer reading?


Story x VeronicaWebb

Handbag x Hermes

Headphones x Samsung

Cuticle Cream x Butter London

Cuticle Lotion x Butter London

Deodorant x La Vanille

Mini Make-up Brush x Charlotte Tilbury

Eyedrops x Chanel

Hand Lotion x L’occitane