The day I met the Blink Brow Bar London’s Lash Lift was the day I broke up with mascara. TBH, I live for lashes, but mascara and I have a love/hate on-again off-again thing going on… always. What’s a lash lift? It’s a perm for your lashes that makes them look thick and curly, for women with dark lashes – you can pretty much say bye to mascara for, like, six weeks. Basically, it’s an eyelash perm that curls the lashes upwards from the base, giving a longer thicker appearance immediately after the 45-minute treatment. It’s a simple 4 step process, that’s totally natural looking and lasts for up to six weeks.

Blink Brow Bar Invited me to the new beauty floor at Saks 5th Ave flagship in New York for a complimentary treatment. If you’re in New York, go to Saks’ beauty floor – it is nothing short of fabulous. Featuring all marble everything, the jewelry department sits in the beauty floor nestled in lush, velvet, carpeted alcoves brimming with glittering jewels.

Back to the beauty question at hand: I have thick lashes that curl (full disclosure I’ve been using Latisse for the last year with tremendous results for length), but despite my lashes being curly I was still using a curler and mascara everyday. I wanted the convenience of going without those two steps in my beauty routine – not to mention wanting to skip removing mascara before bed which can be a pain in the ass.

Who does lash lift work for? Lash Lift is perfect for shorter lashes that tend to have a difficult time holding their curl. Lash Curl is great for straight long lashes that need an extra lift. I did the lash lift, as the curl I was advised would make my lashes so curly it would look like “my eyelids were flipped open”.

Lash lift is easier and more practical than eyelash extensions. There’s no aftercare, no restrictions. You can immediately wet lashes, use oil based products and not worry about damage to the hair. The process starts off with a consultation consisting of what your end goals are. The brow expert will determine if Lash Lift or Lash Curl is the right fit. Then the correct curl size is selected.

Step 1

The lashes are cleaned and separated, top from the bottom. The silicone curl shield is then placed on the top of the eyelid with glue, at the base of the lash line. A layer of adhesive glue is then applied to the top of curl shield, and the top lashes are glued in place. This will give the lashes their shape.

Step 2

Then, a curling solution is applied. The solution is made up of thioglycolic acid and emacol which adapts the eyelashes to the shape of the curl shield. This solution is left on for 15 minutes. And yes, it smells kind of sulphuric like a perm – but it’s not overly offensive.

Step 3

After, a setting solution is applied for an additional 15 minutes. The setting solution locks the shape in.

Step 4

Lastly, a nourishing moisturizer is then applied. Moisturizer contains sodium PCA and keratin, which adds moisturizer to the lashes. The moisturizer acts like a conditioner.

Three weeks later my lashes are still going strong. I’ve said “Not today mascara!” everyday since then – even at fashion shoots where mascara is as necessary as air and water. I’m on my regular regime of Latisse at night to continue to boost my lash growth. The only drawback? You can’t do lash lift on your lower lashes. The curl is too extreme looking according to my aesthetician. Maybe one day someone will crack the formula for lifting lower lashes? Until then, I’ll live on a wink and prayer.



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