Yasss! Today’s the day that my first retail collaboration with Boy Meets Girl® and photographer Sophie Elgort drops on my blog! I love it when life comes full circle.

veronica webb x boy meets girl t shirt collaboration black and white with image of veronica wearing an afro hair style
Some of my very first Vogue pictures were taken right here in this studio by Sophie’s dad, photographer Arthur Elgort, while Sophie, who was no more than a toddler, played on the floor while us supermodels were modeling. Sophie is now an in-demand fashion photographer and an expectant mother too, might I add, who works with a charity called Through Our Lens where she gives her time and talent to teach young girls the art and science of photography.
Boy Meets Girl® USA is owned by the lovely Stacy Igel who mentors young people through her company’s Boy Meets Girl University. Her goal is to teach young girls how to become entrepreneurs in the fashion and retail industries. All that’s to say that everything about this collaboration is fuelled by women empowering women from the top down to build our businesses and ensure that the next generation of women become our leaders and tastemakers for tomorrow.
I love fashion especially when it functions. These cozy comfy all cotton sweats work for me dressed up or dressed down. You can see the dressed up version of these sweats in my blog from a few weeks ago, where I wore my hoodie with diamonds and stilettos, and in today’s blog I’m strictly rocking comfort with old school style. Big hoops and fat laces in my Adidias and that’s all you need besides some good braids or a fluffy ‘fro, which might be ’90’s chic but be me it’s all time classic.
Get your Christmas list cooking and shop these comfy and chic athleisure looks, as well as my other BMG favorites, below or you can check it out on Boy Meets Girl’s website here.


story x @veronicawebb
photos x @sophieelgort
hair x @andreawilson
makeup x @marc_cornwall
creative director/stylist x @stacyigel
sweats x @veronciawebb x boymeetsgirlusa