Bridging the gap is a really cool co-mentoring campaign that partners women in their fifties who are fashion bloggers with millennial  fashion bloggers.

The campaign was conceived by fifty something fashion blogger Catherine Grace O’Conner to send a message to the fashion and beauty industry that we’re here! We are fabulous, fierce and sexy! And we want to see ourselves pictured as vital and sexy and thriving in the media.

Catherine Grace O’Connel paired up bloggers from around the world for this ground breaking campaign. I’m big on mentoring. I work with both NYU and The Fashion Institute of Technology on an on-going basis mentoring high school age and MA candidates in their marketing and media programs. Personally, I always have a “reverse mentor” by my side. What’s that? A young woman who keeps me in the know and is firmly planted in the now in this new digital economy. Why? Beacause sometimes you have to look at back at your youth in order to move forward.

When I met the incredibly determined and super smart fashion blogger Gergana, she was interviewing me in front of a room full of bloggers about my recently having restarted my career by launching a fashion blog at 51 years old. To be honest, during the interview, I was kind of scared of coming off like a fraud – since, as a digital native, blogging was second nature to her – and to me as a “gen X-er” I can easily find myself in digital darkness. I have to hand it to Gergana – with her quiet charm, sharp legal mind, and her on-point fashion skills, she both put me at ease and impressed the hell out of me. She’s fearless.

Gergana moved to New York and took a shot at making it in the fashion world all on her own. I know her story well, it’s a lot like my own- when I left school and the comforts of home and bet the house on being a model. My gamble paid off big. I became a supermodel, and now, thirty years later, when I look at Gergana, I can look at her today and look back at myself at her age all at once and it gives me the little extra push I need sometimes to move forward fearlessly! Where would I be now? I ask myself if I hadn’t taken a risk? How can I possibly get anywhere I want to go without taking a big gamble today? That’s what bridging the gap is all about – telling each other, “What are you waiting for?” And also telling each other that there’s nothing be afraid of! If you’re in your 20’s or 50’s as we all want the same things – to be fabulous, fearless, and fierce. And nothing builds fearlessness and bridges the gap like friendship.