My Friend Menopause


Did you know September was national menopause month? No? Well, neither did I.  Actually, someone might have told me, and I just went ahead and forgot because I’ve got so much to do and too little estrogen to do it with. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write about menopause for a long time on the […]

Sun’s Out Sunscreen’s On: Guide To The Best Sunscreens


Learning from other people’s stupid mistakes is undoubtedly easier, but way harder than learning from your own dumb blunders. Take it from me. I should have listened. Oh how I should have listened when I was in my 20’s and 30s when people told me, “Always wear sunscreen.” Today, at 54 (an age which has […]

Cool Hunting? Parajumpers Makes The Perfect Puffer

Parajumpers Event At Locanda Verde Restaurant TribecaREAD MORE

Cool Hunting is the name of the game when it comes to buying the perfect puffer for myself or my family. Parajumpers, a female-owned and led fabulous Italian brand run by 4 sisters came to our rescue when my 16-year-old daughter went on a polar bear watching trip last summer.

Cellulite Hacks: What’s Out There in Wellness Now?


I need a cellulite hack. “One thing you will never hear is ‘I love my cellulite” says Ashley Black, fitness guru and founder of Fascia Blaster an exercise regime based on set of claw like massage tools designed to help breakdown and rid the body of cellulite.

Pro-Aging Now


I’m all about pro-aging now. Pro-aging is the opposite of anti-aging, because while growing in years, not to mention wisdom, might require more care of of our bodies and our minds, it’s a natural part of life, so I say don’t fight it embrace it.

The Sweet Life: Ladurée New York City


I have a sweet spot for visiting Ladurée the fabulous French tea room bakery, cafe and restaurant on West Broadway in Soho. The first time I ever heard of macaron, was 1985 when I first set foot in France as I embarked on my road to becoming a supermodel. Discovering French pastry would come to […]

Oculus World Trade Center NYC

Veronica Webb Beauty and Fashion for Women Forty Fifty and Beyond Oculus WTC NYCREAD MORE

The Oculus at World Trade Center is a great new place to visit in NYC. The food, fashion and shopping make for a nice break in the day. It’s for sure touristy, but it’s also a hub for food and fashion insiders.