Inspired! That’s how the holidays make feel, at least, once I get through all of the logistics of gift buying, meal planning, coordinating school schedules – let’s not even discuss the stress of four kids taking finals right before vacation – and making plans for special nights out with the kids and never under estimate the importance of alone time for me and the hubby.

Cozy and Glamorous

Veronica posing on the sofa in white top and metallic bottom

To save wear and tear on my mind, my body, and my one good nerve, I order everything I can online: blow-outs and beauty services from, and gifts from or to help support small business and local craftspeople.

Skip the grocery store unless you’re in the mood and have the time to really enjoy it. I opt for or use, where I can get a full meal kit that’s ready to cook dropped at my door, so I can throw a dinner party or make a special meal without killing myself to get it done and still impress everyone. To keep the holiday spirits flowing, to I order from to stock the house and make sure I have some bubbly to give as hostess gifts on hand.


I also buy latex gloves to wear when I cook in order to protect my manicure so I can stay looking fancy for the twelve days of Christmas and beyond.

As for getting dressed for the holidays, it’s so inspiring! I love it! I think, that’s the time, as women, we should go all out! Add that extra sparkle. Do the unexpected.  I love the play of texture on texture. You can make any outfit special by putting together contrasting materials like this soft comfy knit and a metallic fabric like I did here with this sharp pleated skirt in an easy mid-calf length. This pink cross body bag goes with everything. I carry it everywhere from errands to opening night galas.

Decoding The Look

If you’re shopping for something like this….. think creamy white knit, silver metallic, pleats, a floral print and pink accessory to make it festive.

New Year’s Eve In Hawaii!

New Year's Eve In Hawaii!

I’ve got this outfit on tap to wear on New Year’s Eve in Hawaii with my family which is one of my favorite nights of the year. I’m grateful for my two sisters and that between the three of us, come what may, we have stayed close all of our lives. My sisters love fashion and I have a blast giving presents and dolling out advice ripped from the fashion headlines in New York and Paris.

If you’ve got a beach getaway planned this winter,  African inspired batik prints are a sophisticated way to wear tropical prints. This lightweight canvas bomber just makes me happy because it wakes up jeans or a black skirt like a ray of sunshine.

Speaking of a ray of sunshine, the highly original and very talented designer of this bugle bead skirt, Mimi Plange and I met while she was giving an interview with my long time friend from Detroit, fellow designer Tracey Reece. We were just at The Fashion Institute of Technology for an exhibit called Black Fashion Designers. It’s a really fascinating exhibit that traces the contributions of black fashion designers from home seamstresses, to Ann Lowe who designed Jackie Kennedy’s wedding gown for her marriage to President Kennedy all the way to Oliver Rouatang the young maverick who currently heads the house of Balmain in Paris. The show is on view at FIT now through May 16th 2017.

Decoding The Look

A whimsical handmade batik print on canvas put next to shiny beads that glisten and move like blades of grass when you walk gives this look a sly sense of humor. Feathers are everywhere in fashion right now and you can always sub marabou for shiny beads if you’re traveling light. Think Pink! The color pink is joyful and I’m loving it for accessories this holiday season.


One of my best beauty secrets for a photo shoot or a big night out is to mix foundation  with my body lotion when I moisturize my legs. I call it “stockings in a bottle!”

Live Long! This Floor Length Backless Dress Is the Perfect Combination of Naughty And Nice!

Veronica posing in front of the mirror, looking at her own reflection

Scoot over diamonds! You’ve got some company. A turtleneck is a girl’s best friend too. I’m adoring turtlenecks this season. Like this this formfitting, backless floor length dress with crystal embroidered opera cuffs lets you make a grand entrance  just as easily as stepping off of the curb. You’ll slay ’em coming and going in this dress. I’m hoping to catch the Nutcracker or Don Quixote starring Misty Copeland.


Tall & Tan Having a tan in the middle of the winter most of the time is tall tale most of the time, when I need to catch a quick tan  like for this backless dress I use Hampton’s Glow Winter Glow lotion.

Sitting On A Cloud

Veronica posing on the balcony in blush pink tulle skirt

Being a kid again is what the holidays are all about. Make a wish and live your fashion dreams. Every other day of the year we’re schedule driven and practical and we can forget to play. I find that adding a little fantasy to reality lights everybody up and makes them smile.

As Visions Of Sugar Plums Danced In Their Heads…

Veronica posing in kids' bedroom in maxi tulle dress

I’m always so thankful when I’m watching the kids goofing around before they go off to bed and my husband and I are headed out for a fabulous date night. I think it’s important to use fashion to inspire the people around you.

My husband always says “There’s nothing in the world like seeing my wife dressed up in beautiful things.

I love it when my girls ooh and ahh and appreciate how I put clothes together. In my book, style is like gems, it’s a gift that’s precious enduring. Style gets passed down in a million subtle subtle moments between mothers sisters and girlfriends from generation to generation. It’s time to celebrate in Style!

Happy Holidays Everyone!




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