Here comes spring! Chic and easy defines the way I like to dress in this cool comfortable season.


Clean and fresh with an urban edge is the perfect mix for weekend errands and workouts or just taking a breather with my family and friends.



Mini backpacks are my favorite way to go lately. It’s impossible to overstuff your purse, because you can’t! Nothing beats being hands free, except maybe these pillow soft super chic slip-on sneakers.


Story  x @VeronicaWebb

Photos x @ApexCreativeNYC

Styling x@ChadTucker.Co

Makeup x @MarcCornwall

Hair x @JimmyHilton

Feature Photo

Hat x @HattAttack

Running Gear x @Chromat

Sneakers x @TorySport

Photos One Through Three

Hat x @HatAttack

Sweater x @ToryBurchSport

Leggings x @TorySport

Sneakers x@TorySport

Mini-Backpack x @TorySport