Veronica smiling in leather poncho and sunnies

This boho style poncho/perfecto from Coach is everything when it comes to weekend style . This is a jacket I would add because it defines your weekend wardrobe.

Veronica in leather poncho taking a step
One Giant Step for Weekend Style

An Investment Piece

It’s an investment in quality, comfort and above all an ultra cool style statement that will endure for seasons to come. It’s like Stuart Vevers the young English designer who’s at the helm of Coach read my mind or saw into my dreams when he made this coat.

Veronica smiling in leather poncho and white jeans
Free Spirit

Casual Friday you never looked so good!

My kids have dress down day at school, my husband has dress down day at the office and I can take my meetings and showroom and studio appointments with designers dressed a little more relaxed than I would during the week. The new lesson in layering is a dress over jeans.

You’ll start to see it everywhere now in fashion because hemlines and silhouettes are more relaxed and hemlines are going longer. I love wearing a dress and jeans and have since I was a kid because it gives me the pretty feeling of a dress and the ease and mobility of wearing jeans at the same time. I like to kick my weekends off with a long walk to decompress from the week and get some perspective on what I’ve accomplished over the last seven days and how I want to steer my family life and my work life in the week ahead. I love shoes I that can walk in that aren’t always sneakers. The chunky heel sandals simple, sexy and soft enough to walk for miles.

Veronica Webb in leather poncho and hands in pocket
Forever Free


Perfectos, Ponchos, and Calico Print

Three things that to me are such a cool part of the American fashion vocabulary. The design of this coat is a very chic mash-up of  the spirit of the American West, folk art and the rebel stance of outlaw biker culture that’s put together in a perfectly cohesive and totally feminine way. My husband always says that my natural style is like a rich gypsy: nomadic, eclectic, and bohemian.

It’s rare that I find something for my wardrobe that addresses all of these themes so beautifully and for me this jacket is it. You may not be able to find it on the website this week – it’s been hard to get – but I’ll give you a heads up on social media when it’s available again.




Story x @veronicawebb

Photos x @laurelcreative

Makeup x @marc_cornwall

Hair x @jimmyhilton

Jacket x @coach

Sunglasses x @marcjacobs

Earrings x @lulufrost

Watch x @rolex

Bandana x @coach

Jeans x @zara

Shoes x @veronicawebbxhelenewestby