Drop everything. Introducing Custom Cover Drops from Cover FX.


Cover FX Custom Color Drops + Custom Infusion Drops were formulated by Lee Graff,  a corrective make-up specialist, and  Cover FX’s Chief Innovation Officer, Victor Casale. When Casale met Graff in 2000, during his tenure as Chief Chemist of MAC Cosmetics, he was so impressed by the work she was doing at her CosMedic Clinic he left his lofty post at MAC and joined her to co-found Cover FX.  The mission they set out to accomplish was to provide make-up that helps to improve the condition of your skin over time through the addition of soothing healthy ingredients delivered through cutting edge formulations.  The result is Cover FX. Foundations  beloved by industry insiders and luxury department’s stores, as well continuing their work to help people who have been cosmetically disfigured by illness or injury by  opening two additional CosMedic Clinics in at NYU University Hospital and Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.


Cover FX Color Drops foundation is a genie in bottle. Literally, a few drops from this bottle of pure pigment can mixed with anything liquid -moisturizers, serums, oils, primers, or to intensify your regular foundations and tinted moisturizers as long as they’re water oil or silicone-based. Cover FX pigment bonds perfectly with what ever skin care you want to mix it into it without separating or becoming muddy.  It’s like a magic trick, achieved by the exclusive “Flash Fusion Technology” formula.  So, as soon as you add a few drops of the foundation into your skincare, the solution “flashes off” ; leaving behind the pigment that weightlessly transforms your favorite beauty product into the sheerest tint or you can take it all the way to a total coverage foundation, depending on how many drops of foundation you add. I mix mine in a bowl or on a plate or on the back of my hand. I like the CoverFx Radience Oil or sometimes I’ll use a serum or sunscreen.



The pigments are coated with Lecithin, which is biochemically similar to the skin, which is what makes it heavenly to blend directly onto your skin or with skin care products.  Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops come in four formulas: Calming, Anti Aging, Hydrating or Radiance for brightening the complexion.  Each formulation is comprised of essential oils and vitamins for a targeted treatment.  I can tell you, I was thoroughly impressed by the versatility of the foundations and oils. Full liquid coverage that works to hide dark circles and blemishes, the oils do exactly what they claim, I used the Radiance Infusion in place of bronzer. I got the glow without the unkind glare that glitter can sometimes produce and no worries about the foundation settling into fine lines.


Sephora.com: $48.00 for Custom Infusion Drops | $44.00 Custom Color Drops