I’m so proud to announce my latest collaboration – Veronica Webb x Helene Westbye Italian made shoe collection.

Paris trained, Norwegian born shoe designer Helene Westbye,  creates really sexy shoes – shoes  made for real women who love life and live it to the fullest. Helene’s outlook on life? “I live by the rule not to follow rules, so I tend to be upside down. My style is defined as rock ‘n roll with a chic feminine twist, strong expressions and pure lines. I’m inspired by boxes, boxes you can break out of – I’m inspired by everything and nothing. I’m inspired by life.” You can see why we became fast friends and partners – she’s a woman after my own heart.

If you know me at all, you know that I love shoes. I love style. The chicest thing in the world is when comfort and style become one. As a fashion model with a stylish reputation to uphold, a business woman with a blog to run, four kids and a marriage –  I want it all and I am on quest to do it all in style and comfort. I started Webb On The Fly with the mission to support emerging designers who create high quality fashion forward clothes that will become instant classics in every woman’s closet.

“As soon as you put these shoes on you can jog a mile or dance all night!” Helene said as she slipped a pair of red mirrored stiletto pumps on my feet. I can tell you, this former dancer and Paris trained shoe designer,  is true to her word! I have not stopped running the streets of Manhattan and trotting the globe in my Red Mirror Leather Dare Me Pump.

Designed by hand, made from the finest kid leather and  manufactured by artisan shoe makers in Italy; these shoes are an affordable investment and built to last. Veronica Webb x Helene Westbye is always on trend and never out of style.

The Dare Me Red Pump is for the woman who goes all out, who gives her best when it comes to love, friends, work and family. Sophisticated. Sexy. Seriously comfortable. Stylish forever. The Dare Me Red Mirror Pump reflects our devotion to living life with passion.

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story x @veronicawebb
hair x @ andreawilson
makeup x @marc_cornwall
1st and 2nd photos x @laurelcreative
3rd photo x @fredericaphotography x @VogueItalia / styling x @chadtucker.co
shoes x @veronicawebb x @helenewestbye