Make it easy, baby. That is my philosophy for dressing for the weekend, or even just working from home. I’m talking about soft denim with a super comfy top that show off my curves in a way that’s simple, subtle, but sexy. I love the idea of these types of basic, impactful pieces. They’re something I could pull from the closet, turn them around, and make them look perfectly on trend with any of New York’s runways this week. This type of fit can go a long way.

I’m always up for some fun. Big dangly earrings, easy jeans, and a soft sweatshirt puts together two of the things closest to my heart: Paris, the city I will love forever, and 1970, the year my husband, the man I will love forever, was born. This sweatshirt is a simple luxury, brushed cotton inside makes me feel like I’m wrapped in a cozy blanket while I’m running around in stilettos.

When it comes to buying one of the true essentials – denim –  I’m always mindful of eventually passing it down to my girls. I want my denim to serve me and my girls like a lifelong fashion diary. Still, nothing will be getting passed down through generations without possessing one key asset: comfortability! Topshop’s Moto Blue Wash Jeans with raw hem have a lovingly comfortable waist-feel. The amount of stretch is just right. It’s not too tight on the tush, it holds you just right – gently and securely without clinging! Topshop puts their denim through individual wearer trials, and it really makes sense whenever I put mine on.

I love these $75 mom jeans because they’re just as appropriate at age 15 as they are at age 50. The Long-Sleeve Popper Body top accents my mom denim near perfectly. For $32 it makes a sleek, comfy addition that I can wear safely with anything from sweatpants on up. It doesn’t get much easier than that.  I am developing an obsessed for this fit. Get yours at Topshop and be sure to check out their Jeans Fit guide to help you get the right pair to fall in love with.

Shop the look here and check out  the deals with my Topshop coupons.

Thank you Topshop and Stylinity for this collaboration!


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