How can you not love denim? Wearing jeans keeps us women forever young at heart.

I Love Denim!

From the playground to the dance floor, there’s not a person I know, who can’t say they’ve had some the best times of their lives when they were wearing a great pair of jeans. I’ll bet money you say that too about your favorite jeans.

Veronica wearing biker jacket and fist pumping the air

Let The Blues Brighten Your Mood! Denim is bright and beautiful. It’s the pretty way to stay warm and cozy now!

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Get In Where You Fit In!

Finding the right fit for a pair of jeans can be frustrating, especially if you’re curvy like me. I’m a fan of the mid- to -high waist fit, especially, when the fabric has a lot of stretch to it. Everybody needs a pair of jeans coated to look like leather to give your wardrobe a kick in the pants for your MOD/MOD – that’s Model Off Duty/Mom On Duty looks.

Veronica in fur coat and lips printed tee

Make It Funky!

In the immortal words of James Brown – “Make It Funky!”. When winter gets dark and cold, fight the feeling with beautiful bright colors and a fun mix of patterns. Denim is the perfect neutral. Denim even trumps black, because jeans always feel lighthearted and carefree. I grew up in Detroit and I can tell you, you don’t have to be cold if you want to look cute!

Veronica in bomber jacket, denim shirt and sequin skirt

It’s The Bomb!

Ladies, if you don’t have a bomber yet, go get yourself one in a pretty color like indigo that will brighten your mood and last you into spring. it will come in handy on chilly summer evenings too. This sparkly midi-skirt from Tory Burch is nothing short of heaven with denim.

Right now, I’m rocking this skirt with thermal lined motorcycle boots, and a snuggly thermal tank under my denim button down. It’s a 1-2-3 cool look for girls night out and date nights with my husband. Even though it looks extravagant, a skirt like this is so useful. It can be a go to piece if you think of it like jeans and wear it every time you want to look extra fab in hurry. This skirt is super easy and like denim, it makes you feel sparkly and young at heart – and that’s a feeling that never goes out of style.




Story x @veronicawebb

Photos x @ClassicKidsManhattan

Styling x

Makeup x @MarcCornwall

Hair x @AndreaWilson

Featured Image

Boots x @BrianAtwood

Sherling x @DROMe

Sweater x @Gap

1st Photo

Earrings x @EV OXO

 Jumper x @Xuly Bet

 Jacket X Nour Hammour Salvation biker jacket 

 Jeans x  @JBrand Mid Rise Super Skinny Jeans in Fearless

Slip On Sneakers  x @INC International Concepts

2nd Photo

Burgundy Faux Beast Jacket x @XulyBet

Sequined Lips Graphic Tee  x @INC International Concepts

Jeggings x @INC International Concepts

Heels x @Brian Atwood

3rd Photo

Earrings x @EX OVO

Jacket x @UNIQLO

Denim Shirt x  @RalphLauren

Sequined Skirt  x @Tory Burch

Boots x @Helene Westbye