Dior released 42 foundation shades formulated with the professional makeup artist in mind. 42 shades of luxury foundation from Dior makes for exciting news as far as makeup pro Marc Cornwall is concerned.

With more magazine covers under his belt with publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Vogue, I’m definitely listening to what he has to say when it comes to finding flawless coverage for every skin type. I’ve got mature skin that needs coverage for those little discolorations that, let’s just say, come with experience… Mature skin, for the most part, is not a friend of setting powders. In fact, I broke up with setting powders in my mid-30s as I made peace with the fine lines that mapped my travels through life to the destination of womanhood.

Dior liquid foundation does more than just provide coverage. “You can build it throughout the day because it doesn’t need powder” says Cornwall as he bathes my face in shade 3 WP Dior Backstage foundation using a flat head foundation brush. As he blended the liquid foundation to a second skin perfection, this time using a moist egg shaped beauty blender sponge, he explained how this product will dry down to a matte powder finish. Well, what makes it so great, and why someone should choose this $40.00 1.6 ounce bottle of waterproof foundation over, say, Clinique’s “Even Better” Foundation or Fenty Beauty’s “Flit’r Soft Longwear” for $34.00?

Fenty’s formula is fabulous on oily skin, as it has a kind of blotting effect that controls oil. If you’ve got mature, oily skin, this is a fantastic way to go. You can find it for any skin tone. Clinique’s “Even Better” foundation with SPF 15 comes in a one ounce bottle for $29.00. Excellent coverage is a plus with this foundation, but the difference between Dior and Clinique is that Clinique gives a less-polished look than the Dior “Backstage” matte cream to powder formula.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Clinique for everyday usage, and for going out with friends. I also like that there is treatment in the Clinique that helps to correct uneven skin over time. When I want to wow, Dior “Backstage” is my new go to foundation. We live in the age of bright lights no matter where you go in the digital era. “All the world’s a stage”, like Shakespeare once said, so if you’re going to be on it you may as well look like a player.


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