It’s sweltering in New York City this week, but all of us fashionistas are feeling fall fashion in the air. Why? Because the best shop windows like Dior, Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s, and Sak’s Fifth Avenue are up with 2017 fall fashion.

Our Wardrobe Paints a Picture of How We Live and Enjoy Our Lives

What’s the news for fall fashion wise? Some things are eternal, like the leopard print on this iconic Dior jacket with it’s nipped wasp waist and the exaggerated curve of the pockets over the hips, which makes for those Aphrodite curves that bring in the element of both power and sexiness to an otherwise sexless garment.

Believe it or not, in 1947, when Mr. Christian Dior debuted this “New Look” silhouette, it was scandalously sexy. Now, in the hands of Dior’s new designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri, it simply satisfies all the fashion fantasies for those of us who love juxtaposition of punk rock and haute couture. Because what is high fashion anyway? It says, “I’ve arrived darling and now I’m going my own way. See you later if you care to join me.”

It’s rare that a woman becomes the heads of major heritage fashion house in Paris, like Chanel or Dior or YSL.  It takes a sharp eye, and an even sharper pair of scissors to cut through the brigade of boys and fight your way to the front of the line. I have to say, I love when women dress women like the way Maria Grazia does, with humor and kindness and a laid back sense of sensuality. My mother made most of my clothes when I was a kid. This is why I’m a passionate collector of fashion.

Clothes for me are like my own little piece of history that bears witness to my travels and my memories, and like the quilts that my mother and aunts made together, I like to think the way I chose each piece in my wardrobe, in part, paints a picture of how I live and enjoy my life. The joy of beautiful clothes is wearing and revisiting them in different ways year after year

I’m overjoyed that we live in an era where sneakers go with everything. Even though sneakers are anti-glamour in many ways, we all know sneakers can spell the death of elegance if not chosen and worn carefully; still the greatest praise I have for living a life of athlesiure is the freedom I feel in my clothes and the constant reminder that I’m only one step away from doing something good for myself to make my body stronger and healthier. My millennial and Gen Z brood of kids will probably never know a working world where they’re obligated to wear buttoned down shirts and lace up oxford shoes. I like to think that one day the kids will remember the way I dressed as an example of how to seize the freedom’s that fashion and technology can bring us if we take the cues that are around us and use those cues like flex time and multi-functional clothes to our best advantage.

Between the athleisure movement and flex time, there’s always an opportunity to begin to change my working life from one where I feel stressed out, to one where I feel stretched out, both mentally and physically.

I’m Always On The Hunt For That Forever Piece

I’m always looking for that great find. The one that will be that forever piece. the one that my teenage girls are eyeing in my closet and vying for dibs on for when that long awaited day comes when they grow up and  they step out to make their way in the world, wearing a little Dior of their very own.


P.S. Mr. Christian Dior is like Zeus. Did you know that at the beginning of their careers, Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Largerfeld & Azzedine Aläia were all apprentices to Mr. Dior at the same time?

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Altuzarra Leopard-Print Side Lace-Up Blazer Neiman Marcus
Altuzarra Leopard-Print Side Lace-Up Blazer

Trainer in white perforated calfskin leather Dior
Trainer in white perforated calfskin leather

Dior Coat Dior
Dior Coat

Dioraddict wallet on chain clutch in black lambskin Dior
Dioraddict wallet on chain clutch in black lambskin

Trainer with metallic floral embroidery Dior
Trainer with metallic floral embroidery


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