Effortless is bullshit. Excuse my French. No matter what anyone tells you, anything that’s worth it in life, anything that looks good requires not only thoughtfulness, but also your best effort to get it right.

Getting it right most of the time means that it appears effortless to on the outside, but on the inside, you, proudly I might add, know different.

Guess Jumpsuit

Attention to Detail

The key to looking effortless is in making an effort to  pay attention to detail. My friend, mogul and makeup artist  Bobbi Brown, says in “You should be in love with every detail of your life.” The biggest part of “loving every detail of your life” is getting the details right. I’m always working towards the goal of loving all the details by saying “No” to anything that doesn’t fit right.

That goes for every area of life, from my wardrobe to the objects in my home to what  and who I chose to put on my schedule.  The art of saying “No”, is more than half of the battle. There’s a wonderful saying that “What you own owns you.” That’s advice I’ve really taken to heart over the years because everything you add to your closet, not only do you have to pay for, but it also takes up space in your house and requires your time in order to take of it.

guess beige jump suit

Effortless Style

For me, keeping the way I dress simple with “one and done” pieces like this jumpsuit that’s loaded with interesting details is a pleasure to wear, because all of the effort behind this “effortless” outfit was searching for it and rejecting everything in between that didn’t suit me perfectly. I think the reason designers get it right so often is that they spend so much time thinking about how to dress a woman for her ideal life down to every little detail before they ever put pencil to paper or scissors to cloth.

The other day someone asked what do I do when I go shopping? I hardly spend anytime in the store, because I’ve done the thinking about and the imagining of what I want to wear long before I open the shop door. I call ahead or check it out online and then zero in on that one thing I’ve been longing to wear and then once I identify something great like this jumpsuit I wear it and love it and fall in love with the details over and over, because truly enjoying something is effortless.



P.S. And in case you’re wondering… red is the perfect detail for me rain or shine… look out for these red mirror leather shoes on my site next month when I launch an exciting new collaboration Veronica Webb by Helene Westbye who’s an exciting new designer from Norway.



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