Four Little Fashion Watch Words Every Woman Needs to Hear This Fall

What’s a girl to wear? It’s such a struggle to dress for this weather, at least that’s how I feel. I mean, one second it’s toasty in the sunshine, then the next I’m shivering in the shadow as I scurry along these city streets. Big Coat. Little Dress. Bare Legs. Sensible Sexy Shoe. Welcome to my fall transition dressing formula. 

Seriously, if I just use those four elements as a mantra, I hit it just right every time I have to go someplace, instead of staring at my closet, frozen, like a deer in headlights when every fiber of my being is saying, “Make a move, Boo!”. 

Lightweight down jackets are a lifesaver when you’re trying to be warm outside, but not roast when you go into a store – simply roll the jacket, stick it in your purse and forget about it. This fancy one from Moncler is a gift from my kids from a few years back, Henro makes a featherweight bolero jacket,  as does Uniqlo

Bye, Broke Back Glamor!

Low chunky, funky heels have made a comeback this season, and thank God because I love to skip around town in heels, but at this point in my life, a day in high heels equals a backache for days. Mary Janes, like these from emerging designer Batsheva, kills two birds with one stone. Be daring, with shape, and especially with color. Demure shoes can push the fashion envelope without looking like a fashion victim. These can be a little hard to source, but there are lots of choices out there like these easy on the wallet kicks from ModCloth.

On more fashion news, currently, sleek hardware and shoe jewelry are what’s wavy for fashion girls, like these flat pointed slip-on from Jeffrey Campbell

Golden Moment

Thick gold chains are having a moment in fashion. I like to think it’s because everyone loves to feel like a winner, or a Queen for a day, right? Pop on some gold hoops; keep layering on the chains until you can take no more, and voila, you’ve got the look. My watch is a trusty Swatch, and the chains are a flea market find.

Is vintage not an option? Well, Sterling Forever can satisfy all your fashion fantasies at the click of a mouse. But, if you’re in the money, invest in Jennifer Fisher – her collection hits all cool girl requirements, fashion-forward, covetable, and well made. 

Orange Gives Me Life!

Orange is the cocaine of colors, only better. Why? That’s easy. This color lifts you up but doesn’t let you down. If orange is your favorite color, the internet says that “you are assertive and determined rather than aggressive – having a personality color orange means you are more light-hearted and less intense than those who love red. You thrive on human social contact and social gatherings, bringing all types together,” and here, I add – “through the power of fashion.”

Whatever your passion color is, find it, then weave it through your entire wardrobe, and you’ll see how fast everything you already own would take on a new life. 

Dress Code: Ethical Chic 

When it comes to bags, GG Maull is and has always been one of my favorite brands. In fact, we just collaborated on a Mini-Webb backpack created to satisfy the wanderlust and beast of a fashion fiend that lives inside me. Here, I’m wearing the GG Maull Grande, and seriously, I’m never ever going to stop crushing on the neon orange detailing that makes this chic cream bag modern and edgy. I’m drawn to her work, not only for its originality but also for her commitment to making as much as possible in the US yet creating limited-edition collections, which means your luxury item is certainly not everywhere. Oh, and I love her undying support of female-founded businesses.  

Like a moth to a flame, I swooped in on these sunglasses when I saw them at my local flea market only last week; they are made from recycled skateboards. These are from Wudun, sorry (not sorry), but they’re sold out right now, but here’s a guide for eco-friendly cost-conscious lenses that should set you off in the right direction to hunt for a pair. 

Long sleeve cotton dresses, like this one from Room 502 Official, works in so many ways. It’s a tentpole piece that holds up my go-to-work-then-go-out outfits – layer a sweater over the dress, making it cozy, or add a lacy cami to make it sexy. Best of all, Room 502 Official practices fair-trade, fair-wage, zero-waste production – all made possible by cutting each piece on-demand once a customer places the order.

What could be better? Look good. Feel good. Do good.


Story & styling x @veronicawebb

Photos x cwxcreative

Hair @andrea_wilsonhair 

Makeup @marccornwall