That fall feeling in fashion is something all us New York fashion girls live for… Jeans. Boots. Sweaters. Velvet Jackets. Rich polka-dot prints. Creamy earthy colors, or hypnotically luscious pinks and purples contrasted against distressed denim is what my style senses are calling for now.

Croc print is what’s happening in bags belts and shoes right now. Why? Because don’t you want everything you already own to look totally fresh sleek and very expensive all over again?  Where leopard print is fun and fierce – croc print says “I’ve got the money honey” without screaming – “I love looking like a rich lady” across the room.

Raiding my own closet is one of the greatest sartorial pleasures of the change of season. THAT and if you’re lucky enough when the new clothes land in stores to be feeling flush or you hit the New York State lottery which is up to 1.6 billion as of last week so you can treat yourself to no holds barred shopping spree. If a shopping spree is a  dressing room dream deferred, pull out any croc embossed accessories you might have and dust off those skinny distressed jeans. I’ve had these American Eagle $35.00 wonders for 2 years and counting. Don’t sleep on AE, is all I have to say… 

Pointy toe croc shoes with chunky heels have an enduring appeal like the ones in this story which are from my personal closet archives – one of my lucky finds at the luxury discount emporium Century 21. Want a great source for chunky croc shoes this season?  Check out WOTF fave designer Freda Salvador . The brand also just opened a fab new store in New York’s Nolita neighborhood. Coffee is the cure to all that ails you as far as I’m concerned – and that goes for clothes too. Rich creamy mochas against playful polka dots are a magic combo that wakes up any outfit. This is from my closet two pieces collected many years apart tied together again by the distressed denim with the croc embossed shoes and bag. Three trends I’ll be wearing overtime this Fall.

Speaking of dressing room dreams which were not deferred… My major purchase for Fall was this MDP crush velvet blazer with detachable contrasting pink silk cuffs complete with a removable pink silk pocket square. Why couldn’t I resist? Velvet and croc make for a sensuous and exotic combination. Adding distressed denim perfectly mixes those old world old money materials of the rough and wild texture of crocodile and the regal plushness of velvet in the modern girl’s world.

Write and let me know what’s your dream combination of color and texture this fall?




story x @veronicawebb

photos x @mcwcreative

makeup x @marc_cornwall

jeans x @americaneagle

silk cami & velvet blazer  x MDP