Fall Fashion means going all out! Here’s how to wear the best textures, colors, and accessories of the season.

This Fall, I’m crushing on brocade, paisley, pearlized and metallic textures. The dramatic one-sleeve cold-shoulder slashed neckline and the short and sexy 90s silhouette make this dress a showstopper and my go to date night look. It’s the details that make this hot little dress sizzle when you walk into a room. Oh, and did I mention that the dress is as light and comfortable as the athlesiure look I would rock to hang out on the weekend?

Veronica Webb Model in Nicole Miller one shoulder gold brocade 90's inspired dress with gold python gladiator heels and pearl earrings
Big Night Out

Big earrings bring drama to the slashed asymmetric neckline and bare shoulders. Pearls are every where. I’m wearing them from my head to ears to my toes right now.  Check my Insta for the pearls I’m wearing on my feet this fall. But back to the earrings! With pearls, the sky’s the limit when it comes to size because pearls are regal and no matter what you do with them, they always look royal. My advice? Don’t hold back ladies! Release your inner monarch and go big when you buy your pearls this fall.

Braids, bobs, and boy cuts are dominating the runways right now. You know why? Ease is the message fashion is trying to convey. I love a bob, but I’m opting for the individuality and the ease of braids. The other thing I love about braids is the richness and texture they add to my overall look and the way cornrows wake up my wardrobe in a fresh new way.

Another beauty bonus of braids is the instant natural facelift you get from the tension of the braids on the scalp. Not to mention that since your hair automatically done from the moment you wake up it gives a girl lot more time for working out and putting on make-up – two of the highlights of my day.

Veronica Web Model wearing a cornrow hairstyle large black and white natural pearl earrings and a nicole miller cold shoulder gold and black brocade dress
Autumn Splendor

Stilettos aren’t just for your feet anymore. I am obsessed with these press-on stiletto nails in this deco design. These nails are naughty and chic at the same time. They get my vote because they make a good girl look like a bad ass in the blink of an eye. I spend too much time taking care of my home, writing my blog, and working out to let my nails get in the way. But when it’s time to play, I love being able to put on my “cat claws” in five minutes flat. I can put these nails in the back of taxi on my way out for the evening.

If I’m careful I can keep these nails for two or three days. I can always be rid of them in five minutes by soaking my nails in hot water, dipping them in oil, and then lifting up the nail from the side and flicking them right off with my fingertips. Did you know that you can save them and use them again and again? You can!

Nicole Miller black and gold brocade dress art deco inspired nail art black and gold manicure antique cushion cut diamond
The Cat Comes Out to Play

Top to toe, that’s my fashion and beauty report as we get into thick of it for Fall Fashion.

What are your go to colors textures and accessories this season? Drop me a line and let me know.



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