I haven’t been to Vegas to see J-Lo yet – but it doesn’t matter because I’ve got her essence right here in a jar. J-Lo’s makeup collab with Inglot gives you that Isla-Bonita via Vegas glow, with a couple of megawatt products.

Other products in the line, unfortunately, fizzle out when they hit your face. Hit-or-miss factor aside, the packaging does make you feel like a star. The fact aht Inglot’s “Freedom System Palette” allows you the capability to mix-and-match and build your own palette is a big plus.

A star product that perform IRL is the pressed-powder Boogie Down Bronzer in Sunkissed. This glides on like second skin and has staying power, even in the heat of summer. It manages this without caking or oxidizing pink or green. However, shade range here is really limited, especially in a time where Fenty’s 42 foundations have set the standard for resilience.

The J-Lo Inglot bronzers works well for pale skin, butter pecan ‘Rican to cocoa brown. Dark chocolate and ebony shades, sadly, are not serviced by this particular colab. Livin’ The Highlight Face and Body Illuminator is a show stopper! Like I said, this is J-Lo in a jar. The shimmer is pure rose gold with almost no green in the spectrum of colors. It’s warm, without being too pink, golden or brassy. I’m wearing Livin’ The Highlight in Radiant in the photos.

The deepest color, Luminous, works on the darkest of skin tones. This stuff can be used on cheeks, the brow, collar bones, or even over lipstick. Proceed with caution using it on your face – it’s not for the faint of heart! Blend this loose powder highlighter in with some lotion, then smooth it over your limbs and you’ve got body bling for the gods! I also give the pots of eyeshadow shimmer marquee billing. Silver dollar is the shade I’m wearing here on the blog.

Center stage is not necessarily how I would categorize the HD Highlighter Trio though. the colors were washed out and chalky-looking on my skin. It’s almost as if it was from a different line altogether. It had virtually no glow, so that’s a no-go as far as this blogger is concerned. A great dupe in the Maybelline Master Contour Palette that comes in wide range of shades is perfect for rounding out the golden goddess look. Again, it’s the shadows in the pan versus the loose powder shadows that fall flat. For this story we built a palette consisting of Cafe Au Lait, Sheer Gold, Bordeaux, and Eggplant. Even with all of these, and starting with eyeshadow primer on the lids, we couldn’t get the color intensity. Dior came to our rescue with the Dior eye shadow quad in Undress.

I love the lipstick colors – the Hibiscus had a creamy and luscious feel to it, and it was the perfect tawny-to-brown girl shade of coral. Likewise, Champagne was a dreamy shade of neutral lipstick, but for some reason it came out mad dry, and felt more like primer than lipstick while putting it on. I literally stuck with it because when I patted a little of the Inglot face-and-body illuminator over it, it stayed on through a long night of drinks and dancing.

Where we 100% fanned out was over the eyelashes and the Viva Las Lashes mascara. Short lashes that add thickness instead of volume is where the conversation in beauty is heading towards now. You want to look unbelievably real, and not really unbelievable if you catch my meaning. Mascara with a skinny little wand is a makeup artist face for creating depth and volume giving the shape of your eyes major definition.

All in all, the critics choice here for that we think is worth forking over your hard earned dinero: Livin’ The Highlight Face Eyes and Body Illuminator, and The Viva Las Lashes Mascara. These should be the makeup starts that headline your face painting routine for nights out on the town.


Story x @veronicawebb
Hair x @andreaewilson
Make-up x @marc_cornwall

J Lo Inglot Pressed Powder
J Lo Inglot Livin The Highlight Face and Body Illuminator
Maybelline Master Contour Highlighter Palette
J Lo Inglot Highlighter Trio
J Lo Eye Shadow Pressed Powder Singles
Dior Eye Shadow Kit Undress
J Lo Inglot Lipstick Champagne
J Lo Inglot Lipstick Hibiscus
J Lo Inglot Viva Las Lashes Mascara
J Lo Inglot Silver Dollar Eyeshadow