Bright colors in neon or almost neon are seriously trending hard around the globe for spring 2019. Yellow is the star performer for waking up your wardrobe for this brand new season.

My good friend Isaac Mizrahi always says “Yellow is the swing color that works with every other color.” I decided to test it out for myself, after all he’s know as the maestro of mood changing color combos. Bright colors and patterns mixing is something that I’ve mastered over the years by practicing. Yes, I said “practicing”. Mixing and matching prints and bright colors that as a child I was taught to think were “clashing”. You can’t have fun without a little mischief in the mix can you? Well, of course not! And, that applies to fashion too.

Here’s a trick I learned from a personal stylist I had on staff in the late 90’s. I was juggling 15 or so personal appearances a week each of which required a new outfit that looked like it was brand new fashion forward and runway worthy.

She told me to “Put all your clothes that you really like in a pile on your bed and you’ll see combinations of clothes in your wardrobe that you never thought of at all.” Let me tell you, it’s worth the effort of taking it all out of the closet and hanging it all up again. Literally, it’s like going on a free shopping spree where you have a bunch of great outfits to show for it at the end of the day.

Try it. I promise it will do wonders for both your wardrobe and your budget. It’s the next best thing, to Amazon prime, Net-a-Porter via FedEx or Rent The Runway.

When you make those great outfits come together, as they no doubt will, take a selfie in your new ensemble so that next time you’re stuck for something to wear just scroll through your phone and you’ve got a new outfit in an instant right at your fingertips.

Don’t forget to to tag me in your remix and restyle closet selfies featuring bright colors and neon! Use @veronicawebb #webbonthefly.



story & styling x veronicawebb
photos x @cwxcreative
makeup x @marc_cornwall
hair x @andreawilson

sweater x @Tibi
leggings x @onzie
scarf x @enavance
boots x @asos
sunglasses x @seeeyewear
bag x @tibi