Eyebrow extensions are a thing! Have you ever heard of eyebrow extensions? Well, neither had I until a few short weeks ago my friend.

My brows have been thinning from years and years of Supermodel, tweezer happy, slave to beauty trend follicular abuse. I happily paid the price of saying “bye-bye” to once massive eyebrows as part of conquering covers of magazines and ruling the runways in my heyday as a supermodel.

So, just like microblading, eyebrow extensions can give you the full lush look you’ve been longing for.

Eyebrow extensions, when done well, are an excellent non-invasive, pain free, temporary alternative to microblading. Eyebrow extensions are adhered with a sterile glue, specifically made for the eye area, one hair at a time to your existing brow hairs and directly onto your skin where hairs no longer grow. You can discuss with your aesthetician if you want to follow your natural brow shape or go bigger and bolder.

The process is done with either synthetic or with natural hair from fox or mink – depending on your budget or preference. Natural hair runs twice the price of synthetic at $100.00 for synthetic and $200.00 for mink. From head to tail of the eyebrow the whole thing takes about 40-45 minutes and lasts, you do have to be pretty careful not to knock them off, about a week.

Once you decide on a shape, the area is cleansed by the aesthetician. In my session at JB Lashes in New York City’s garment district, I was treated to cooling gel eyepatches to reduce puffiness while I relaxed and got beautified.

With and almost imperceptible touch the hairs were fastened one by one like birds landing on a wire, and when I opened my eyes, I was like “Hi Brows! You’re back!” My results were so natural looking I was so blown away. I wanted to keep them forever. But alas, it’s a Cinderella effect that only lasts a week. And like I said you have to be careful not to accidentally brush them away when you wake-up and rub your eyes, facing the shower head directly or when you wipe the sweat from your brow during a workout. Swimming – def not happening with eyebrow extensions. Even though they can be somewhat delicate for everyday wear, eyebrow extensions are wonderful for a bride, a big shoot, or a special occasion like a birthday.

Here’s what you need to know:
ALWAYS ask to see the bottle of glue that’s being used before you start your service. You need to be able to read the ingredients and make sure that it’s not hair extension glue which can be toxic and cause allergy or worse an infection.

CAREFUL not to get oils or creams directly onto the eyebrow itself, because oils will immediately loosen or potentially remove your eyebrow extensions.

NEVER rub or scratch your eyebrows back and forth, the hairs will fall right off like needles off an old Christmas tree. I found this out the hard way. My skin is dry and after a few days with no moisturizer they got itchy and I reflexively scratched the itch. I was uneven for a few days and had to fill in the bald patch with an eyebrow pencil.

VERDICT I would recommend it to anyone who needs a brow boost for a special occasion or who would like to try out a brow shape before taking the microblading plunge. As for me personally, I would 100% do it again!



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