By the time you read this it may be too late to get in on designer Jeremy Scott collaboration with Moschino and H&M.

Major designer collabs from H&M sell out within hours around the globe. The best pieces, like purses and jewelry, disappear literally right before your eyes 👀 even if your like the 23rd in line before the store even opens for 15 minute per person shopping sessions in the store.

Believe it or not, it’s easier to go to the store than to shop online. Every fashionista online this morning was trying to log onto H&M’s website that had already crashed at 1 second past 8:00 am when the collection officially went on sale. If you managed to get online or into the store by 10am, be prepared to grab and go because browsing and deciding definitely is not an option. The sales staff will help you with sizes and some of the stock is refreshed on the floor as often as every 5 minutes. Even with all that, you need luck on your side.

If you live in a city with an H&M store, go to the location neatest to the most high end luxury boutiques – it will be the least crowded. For example, Times Square and Soho stores in NY played host to fierce young fashionistas who spent the night on the sidewalks outside of the stores waiting for the 8:00am opening. More power to them, but at this point in my life, that’s just not for me.

If you missed this season’s release, never fear, there’s always next time although the identity of the newest designer is closely guarded until the official announcement about 3 months before the clothes hit the stores. THAT’S when you start shopping. Browse leisurely and decide online, because when you get your turn at the rodeo you have exactly 15 minutes to ride the wave of designer hype before you get bucked out of the shop-within-shop to go home empty handed or hand over your cash at the register if you managed to score some of the coveted designer clothes.

Contrary to what you might think, shopping in the store is not a melee, it’s organized and orderly. Staff members greet you at the beginning the line with a smile and a wrist bracelet to issue shoppers a verbal and written disclaimer on terms and conditions of sale.  You can not save a place for anyone else in line once your wrist bracelet is issued, so if you have someone meeting you, or you’re just really extra and hire a service like Task Rabbit that sends someone to wait in for you, make sure the person who is the designated place holder arrives 1 hour before store opening when wrist bracelet distribution starts. FYI, customers are allowed 2 pieces of each style, you have 7 days to return and after that it’s store credit only.

Like I said, I was the 23rd person in line at 7:40 am this morning. Hype is the name of the game when it comes to designer collabs, not of a moment of which was lost on the H&M staff.  A 20-something salesperson patrolling the line shouted out – “Are you guys excited?!! Let me hear some noise!!” A few half hearted “Yeah’s” squealed out of the mostly bleary eyed and fashionably dressed crowd. Most of us in line were adults old enough, like myself,  to have known the Italian designer Franco Moschino’s work when he was alive and revolutionizing fashion with his high low aesthetic.

I walked many of his shows in Milan during the 80’s and 90’s. I loved him for his huge heart ❤️ sharp wit and freewheeling style. My last memory of him is when he and I hugged a tearful goodbye a few years later when he knew illness would end his life all too soon. Moschino’s life’s work was all about inclusion and joy in fashion. Jeremy Scott is a brilliant choice to carry on his legacy. That’s why I got up and waited in line to get some Moschino this morning.

Even though I was in the first group of 30 people allowed to enter at 8:00 am, I could only find a few of the pieces I wanted. You had better be among the first 10 people in line if you want any of the hero pieces like purses shoes or anything featured in the advertising photos. BUT you are also also allowed to get back in line as many times you’d like and the same limits apply 15 minute shopping rounds and 2 items per style. I didn’t go back for a second round I’m not a gambler by nature and I didn’t think the roulette wheel would land on that gilded padlock bag or the perfect clutch purse I’d been eyeing. 🔒🧐

I scored a hoodie, sweatpants, a swimsuit, and chain hoop earrings that will carry me through the holidays weekends and date nights. If you’re really obsessed with a certain piece check H&M tomorrow and next Thursday for a chance at pieces that people may have returned.  Other options for scoring your fave piece? EBay, Grail, or Poshmark pay at least twice the price as in store, but if it makes you or someone you love Happy I say go for it!

Happy Shopping 🛍



Story x @veronicawebb
Makeup x @marc_cornwall
Hair x @andreaewilson
Photos x @cwxcreative
Booties x Sam Edelman
Leggings x Sweaty Betty
Watch x Swatch
Sunglasses x See Eyewear
Hoodie x Moschino x H&M
Eyes x Dior 5 Couleurs
Skin x Dior Backstage Face and Body foundation
Lips x Lip Gloss by NARS in ORGASM