Got hoop dreams? This fall big hoops earrings top the list of #bossbabe accessories. Think Beyonce in Lynn Bahn mega hoops cascading down to her shoulders on the cover of last month’s historic Vogue cover. J-Lo giving you mega watt “Jenny from the Block” diamond door knockers when ever she steps out to take her street style to the world stage.

Gold Hoop Earrings
Big Hoops Have Attitude

Who could ever forget the patron saint of hoop earrings pop icon Sarde? Sade, like all things 90’s, right about now is the epitome of cool once again. Fast forward to 2018 and Cardi B the Borricua rapper who makes an art of oversharing the details of her sex and plastic surgery life rekindled early hip-hop history in the Bruno Mars 90’s inspired mashup FinesseWhat’s the one thing all these women have in common? Big personality and big hoops are one of the most blanant ways to announce to the world that you’re here to grab that big brass ring.

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Hoops Are The Boss Babe Move For Fall 2018

The dream of wearing big hoops doesn’t have to drag your earlobes down or bust your budget. Big hoops can be hollow and virtually weightless and come in every price range.  What makes big hoops the boss move? Hoops, like the wedding band, symbolizes love, fidelity and life long commitment. According to my husband, Chris Del Gatto, who is a jewelry expert and CEO off Del Gatto and, both companies are multi-platform trading sites for jewelry,watches and diamonds – “Hoops have attitude.. They’re elegant. Never fussy.” Ready to make a major investment in hoops? Cartier is the place to go, in my husband’s opinion for hoops that have enduring style and that won’t lose their value. Why are hoops so badass? “Hoops are the most personal earrings” says my hubby.  “The size of your hoops expresses a woman’s personality. Little hoops are ladylike. Big hoops shout out loud you’ve got big dreams and are about to make some big moves!

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Hoop Earrings Are The Most Personal Style of Earrings

My husband and I both agree that hoops feel neighborhood in the freshest way. Big hoops are a fashion must/lust this season from Paris to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. So, no matter what your budget or age, if you’re a Sarde cool kind of hoop girl or a Cardi B with your bling on blast maxi hoop queen there’s a pair for every style seeker this season.

What’s you vote for dream hoops this season? Mini? Or Maxi?



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