Days after CoolSculpting cold liposuction therapy was approved to tighten turkey neck, I was in my dermatologists office to treat that loose stringy skin between my chin and Adam’s apple.

Cryotherapy, maximum immersion in subzero temperatures has been my method of choice for over a year now to aid everything from muscular recovery post workout to weight loss and the bonus side effect is overall skin tightening, because of that using CoolSculpting to lift my neck seemed worth a try. Hate is not strong of a word to describe how I felt about about having stringy skin under my chin. Button down shirts, dresses with necklines above the collar bones were no longer an option – the way that they accentuated suspension bridge between my jaw and throat made for a really unflattering silhouette.

I admit that there are certain things about aging that I feel need attention rather than the acceptance of passive resignation. Aging is something that I welcome, don’t get me wrong – I don’t want a face or boobs for that matter that are frozen in time by chemical injection or surgical intervention or augmentation. Circulation and hydration serious sweats from regular exercise and drinking lots of water and a fairly disciplined and healthy diet are my first lines of defense for keeping my body looking tight and right, but as with all things at some point something’s got to give.  The French say that as you age “You have to choose between your face and your ass.” I chose my ass. Thank God we’re in the era of JLo, Niecy Nash, and Nikki Minaj, an era when “Booty = Beauty “. My husband is thrilled with my new curves and the extra weight, while my pants fit a little too tight, the good thing is the weight has filled out a lot of the wrinkles and fine lines in my face and chest. However, my newfound weight gain did not, unfortunately fill out my neck.

When  Laura Dyer P.A, partner at Amy Wechsler Dermatology in Manhattan, who has more experience with CoolSculpting than other physician in the world, her work with CoolSculpting is the industry standard and widely published in medical journals, presented me with option of using CoolSculpting to lift and tighten my neck and jawline, I jumped at the invitation.

The procedure is simple. In office. No prep. No downtime. No anesthesia required. The nurse fitted me with a chin strap headgear outfitted with a suction cup attached to a hose which looked a lot like Luke Skywalker’s in-flight gear in the movie “Star Wars”. A flick of the switch on the CoolSculpting machine, that’s  only a little larger than a portable in home air conditioning unit, but capable of keeping the skin at a constant temperature of about 54 degrees F for the 45 minute duration t would take to freeze and permanently kill the fat cells to tighten the area being treated. I am not going to lie. It. Hurt. But only for a few mildly excruciating minutes. Exposure to extreme cold has the strange property of producing a burning sensation on the skin. Once the skin, thankfully goes numb, you forget about it, you feel like you could be sitting under the hairdryer or getting your nails done. I was texting and having conversations  without a problem.

How does the CoolSculpting treatment work? Well, it seems that back in 1970 a Harvard scientist noticed that kids who sucked popsicles for extended periods of time, first had sore tongues and some of them developed dimples in their cheeks as a result of the prolonged exposure to the frozen treat. Fat cells, studies came to show, are more sensitive to cold than surrounding cells and die permanently when exposed to extreme temperatures for extended periods. I was skeptical that the treatment would work on my turkey neck, not having a double chin I couldn’t understand without having a lot of fat in that area how it would really work. “Everyone has some fat under their chin”  Dr. Dyer told me. Continuing, she said, “It’s a question really for someone like you who has a loss of elasticity over time to stimulate collagen production and healing through controlled wounding.” 45 minutes later when the apparatus was removed I felt 100% fine – no pain or soreness. However, as you can see in the photo the area under my chin was visibly red from a foot away.  It was easy to cover with foundation and disappeared without bruising after 48 hours.

Double chins or a loose wattle can be treated in one to two visits with CoolSculpting. Turkey neck sometimes requires a few shots of botox immediately afterwards to lift the bands of the neck – as in my case.  Botox in the neck is something that I had tried to lift loose skin under my chin, but the amount of Botox required to make a difference without the use of CoolSpa felt slightly like wearing a neck brace all the time.  So the secret sauce for a stringy turkey neck is CoolSculpting meets Botox. I saw results in 3 weeks, which is about the average, the norm being 2-4 weeks for most patients. Pretty much any healthy person is a candidate for this non-surgical turkey neck lift. Cost varies anywhere from $1,500.00 – $2,500.00 depending on the location of the practice when you receive the service.

To book an appointment: Laura Dyer 212.396.2500 or email

Four Weeks After The CoolSculpting Treatment


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