Getting Clean – Shower Down. Sober up or just have some good clean fun with this made for both the drinking man and/or the thinking man natural liquid soap from Man Made 1821.

Gift Sets start at $43.

American Cocktail Club

Mocktails or Cocktails Anyone? Here’s to Dads who want to mix the perfect drink in the man cave or maybe even venture out and play bar tender for the whole fam. This beautifully curated monthly subscription box offers the option to make little known exotic drinks with or without alcohol!

Subscriptions offered are either $34.99 or $44.99 monthly.

A Meaningful Gift for Every Sports Fan

Knock out of the ballpark if you’ve got a sports dad in your life. Fanchest sores the most unusual high quality fan gear from a marathon search of beaded team merchandise the world over. Got a first time dad – Fanchest makes a baby box with onsies chocked full of daddy and me gear.

Sports Nostalgia more your speed? Well, Fanchest has that too! Classic logos on hats tees and insulated mugs that take you back to the game of all games. No matter who the sports fan is your life, having their fave gear delivered right to their front door is a major play.

Prices start at $60 but you can avail their Father’s Day promo and get a Fanchest at only $45!

Don’t Just Give a Massage Give Motivation

Personally, I believe there’s an Olympic athlete inside of everyone, me included. That’s just dying to get out all you need is lot of help. Enter Momentum Sports Recovery Massage, a New York based outfit that frees the pain from your body and coaches the limitations out of your mind.

Don’t expect a spa experience when you engage one of MSR’s licensed massage therapists all of whom are licensed physical trainers focused on healing and performance coaching.

Here’s the quote on MSR’s website that explains their method of medical massage and recovery coaching :

“The body is an amazing machine built to adapt to whatever you’re willing to throw its way. This is part of the reason why we plateau after using the same routine over and over again. I apply this to all aspects of life. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a cubicle cowboy, we all need maintenance to counteract our body’s ability to conform the negative stimuli it receives. Working out or training with poor posture/body mechanics can reinforce those bad habits making them harder to break free… Invest in your body and it will take you anywhere.”

Sounds like a win to me. Go forth, Dads, and conquer.

Doob Doppleganger Dad

Ever wish there were two of you? Ever wish you could shrink down the people you love and pop them in you pocket? Well, now you can.

Doob, makes exact 3-D replicas of your loved ones, people and pets included, using propriety 3-D scanning and printing. How does it wok? It’s pretty sci-fi really.

Head into any of Doobs worldwide locations where you’ll step into a booth at one of studded with more camera lenses than a fly has eyeballs and get your picture taken. 2-3 weeks later your mini-me arrives in the mail.

Starting at around $99.00 per doll, it’s a great way to say I love you this Father’s Day!

It’s All Gucci, Baby!

We love Gucci! We lust for Gucci. We live in Gucci. Everything goes better with Gucci right?

Why not Give Dad wall-to-wall Gucci with one of the storied Italian brand’s 19 different patterns influenced by desinger Alessandro Michele’s white hot ready to wear collection.

Prices range from the very affordable for Gucci, $170.00 for a 2.5 x 33 foot roll of wall paper all the up to $490.00 for some of the more elaborate tapestry prints.

Hot for Teacher

Imagine for unlimited on-line master classes with the likes of basketball legend Steph Curry; a cooking instruction from foul-mouthed food guru Gordon Ramsay; or learn how to take great photographs with portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz for a mere $180.00 a year?

Does Dad want to be a better poker player? Daniel Negranu is your guy. Want to write a hit TV series? Shonda Rhimes, the former physician who penned TV hits Gray’s Anatomy and Scandal is only a click away.

Tennis anyone? Serena Willams gives a master class to anyone who’s willing to take her on. I mean, this is the truly the gift that keeps on giving.

$90 for a single class $180.00 for an unlimited yearly subscription.

Happy Father’s Day Everybody!