Let Love Inspire Your Style When You’re Looking For A Wedding Dress…

I have so many friends getting married this year and next. My heart fills up with hope for each of them as they begin this new stage of life. One of my favorite aspects of attending weddings is getting to see the beautiful ways in which the bride chooses to style herself and her bridal party. During the wedding planning process, my friends often turn to me for advice on: what to wear if they’re getting married, remarried, or trying to find the perfect mother of the bride look.

My advice on wedding dresses is: You’ll know it when you see it. You only live once, and you’ll only wear your wedding dress once, so go for what you love. That doesn’t mean break the bank or conduct some kind of outrageous fashion experiment, it means when you see the style you like go for that. It’s best to buy a dress that looks good in photos above all. Remember, you will look back on your wedding photos forever, so select a dress you will be reads well on camera.


Veronica Webb model in wedding dress from Berta Bridal fashion and beauty for women forty and over fierce fifty
That is love, to give away everything, to sacrifice everything, without the slightest desire to get anything in return” ~ Albert Camus

My husband and I always say that we’ll renew our vows one day, maybe for our twentieth anniversary. I think about the vows we made when we got married, what we’ve learned from our years together, and how many more ways we might be able to grow and fulfill the promises we made to each other during our lifetimes. We both know, without a doubt, that a healthy marriage is hard work.

Love is the essence of a good marriage. We’ve both found that patience, bravery, trust, and willingness to need and depend upon each other are the main ingredients that bind us together and help us continue to rise. We both spend a lot of time talking to our kids about becoming mature, responsible adults and what it takes to build a home and a marriage. Our goal is to help the kids concretely prepare for the day when they will run homes of their own. We did this by giving them a budget as soon as they were able to count coins, sending them into the workforce the moment they became eligible, and laying a foundation with the essentials teaching them to cook and meal plan from the time they had each turned three years old.

I was really touched when my middle child told me the other day “I have the whole thing planned out when you guys renew your vows, Mom.” And yes, she had it planned out down to the budget, the guests, the menu, and because we are a family that loves style, of course the wedding dress.

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“There is only one happiness in life to love and be loved”  ~ Amandine Dupin

My daughter hoped that we would all be barefoot and outside when we decide to renew our vows. It’s also how she sees her own nuptials.  She envisions wedding flowers as big and beautiful and kind of messy, just like marriage and like life can both be most of the time. Handmade accessories from artisans on Etsy as gifts for the bridal party and sustainable flowers on the tables all the guests could take home and keep as a memento for years to come. I think sustainable gifts are such a perfect metaphor because after all isn’t love what sustains us all?

“Nothing is real but dreams and love.” ~ Anna de Noailles
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All Things Grow In Love ~ Anonymous




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