Keeping your body and mind aligned is the most important and challenging aspect of creating and maintaining a workout at every phase of life. Webb On The Fly interviewed elite fitness trainer Jolie Kobrinsky, 54, founder of Prime.

Prime is a go-to for exceptional training in Monterey, CA since 2009. They specialize in functional and unconventional training, nutrition coaching, and innovative group classes. Jolie’s goal is to help her clients discover their own authentic rhythm — to inspire them to move, sleep, eat, recover, and live joyfully on the lifelong road to wellness.

WOTF asked this self-described “Urban Amazon” how she has stayed the course for 25 years as an elite fitness trainer and how we can help ourselves and each other find the way to renewed strength and balance in our daily lives. 

WOTF: How can women in mid-life get back on track with exercise when they feel like they’ve lost too much ground to get back into shape? 

JOLIE KOBRINSKY: Don’t try to solve it all at once. Michelle Obama said :: “Failure is a feeling long before it becomes a result .”

We can say the same thing about success. I find women’s negative self-talk – especially about their bodies – is often a huge sticking point and will derail any plan. There’s really a moment you have to stand in front of the mirror naked and say: I love you with all of your imperfections. You’ve done well for me. You’ve carried babies/briefcases/aging parents/dysfunction and I am grateful, but I’m going to ask more of you now. 

Show Up 

Every day. Your fitness thing needs to be on the schedule of your life as a non-negotiable. Even if its five minutes a day. Focus on one or two well-defined goals and follow a clear plan to accomplish them and you’ll make progress. It’s the intention and showing up every day that is more important than results. If you write your intentions down, reflect on them every day, celebrate your discipline, notice where you tend to fall off, forgive yourself and move on, it teaches you the methodical behavior it takes to affect a transformation. And don’t forget sleep is the number one productivity tool.

Don’t Go At It Alone

Join a running club. Take a class that sounds cool. Hire a trainer. If you’re not good at being your own trainer or coach. A fitness friend can be a great motivator. Sweating alongside someone can inspire you to focus on what you want for your body, help you create and stick to the vision you have for yourself, and push you just a little bit harder when it seems impossible. 

Keep It Simple

Just find the right bike and you’ll want to ride. Match the activity to your personality. Are you a natural group person or do you feel anxious or shy in a group setting? Love the outdoors or prefer loud music and flashing lights? Identify what gets you going and then create a clear Personal Mission Statement –  athletic, aesthetic or both. And then figure out what gets you excited, passionate. Is it dance, hiking, swimming, weightlifting, aerial yoga? Choose movements where you walk away sore but fill you with joy. 

What keeps you going? 

The beauty of you is not where you are perfect. It’s where you are fearless – Cleo Wade

You know that time in the evening when you feel your butt for the first time in a while, or it’s hard to stoop down because your legs ache, you need help taking off your shirt because you danced with your arms overhead for an hour, or completed your first dead-hang pull up. It’s those times you’ll really feel worthy and strong. Don’t be afraid to shed old behavior that no longer promotes growth.

Headshot: Wyoh Lee x @wyohphoto

Fitness: Michelle Magdalena Maddox x @maddfoxmagdelena