Hello, Fall! 

Ladies, can we please talk about how to find pants that really fit?  All I want is a pair of everyday, perfect fitting, no-brainer pants to build my outfits around. I know I am not alone! According to a poll conducted by Talbots who surveyed over 2000 women, 92% of women agree that perfect pants are the foundation of a perfect outfit.

Who better than to create a collection of perfect pants than the all-female design team at Talbots? 

My main fit issues when it comes to pants, or leggings, are usually a baggy waist, constricted fit in the thighs, sagging knees, and the way the cut of the seat smashes my derriere flat. (Basically everything).

50% of the pants I own have some combination of or ALL of these problems when it comes to how they fit me. That means that of the 13 pairs of pants in my wardrobe, half of them just sit there… it’s like I hope that they will grow and change and that one day my half rejected pants and I will be together the way I had hoped we could once be…

Honestly, I would break-up with my looser pants – it’s just, well, I’m half ashamed to admit that there’s no one else to fill the void… I’m too weak to stare at an empty drawer. It’s too much trouble, and too disappointing to keep looking, so I end up settling! Sound familiar?

Leggings are a whole other story. Who needs leggings that aren’t dressy enough or too sheer to wear for work? Or that feel too stiff, synthetic, and not breathable?

36% of women want pants to provide a smoother stomach. For me, that means a little tummy support plus enough structure to the pants so I can tuck in a shirt and not have the outline of my shirttails showing through my leggings.

This survey stat surprised me though – only 23% of women thought their pants should give them a “great rearview”. In my opinion, why would you EVER wear pants, especially leggings, that didn’t make your booty look like a million bucks?

Here’s the real shocker – only 90% of women said that when they buy a pair of pants “comfort is key??!!!”

If you’re in the top 10% of women who expect EVERYTHING from a pair of pants that you’re going to put your hard-earned money out for and give them a home, read on… If not… Swipe left.

Still with me? Of course, you are, because you’re savvy and smart and you want great style for your money without having to freak-out to find what you need. These Soho leggings from Talbots do the job for my athletic body type and just about any kind of body type and come in sizes that range from size 0-24.

No matter what you’re doing, when you feel like “Wow! I look amazing!” you feel like you can go out and conquer the world. Fall leggings are hereby handled! You’re Welcome!