How do your jeans fit? If your answer is “Just okay” or maybe “It’s a struggle” – welcome to my world!

Jeans are classic. The quest to find a pair that fits just right should not be epic. Let’s be real. As women, our bodies change and evolve all the time. The one thing that remains constant for pretty much every woman I know is their basic need for a great fitting pair of jeans.

My jeans have to fit me like a woman with hips and thighs, and who wants to handle her business like a boss. This means age-appropriate jeans that won’t slide down dangerously-low when sitting, or even when reaching down to pick up your tote bag. To me, great fitting jeans are those that make you feel free as a kid (but not look like one) when that precious down-time rolls around. Is trying to find jeans that fit me like a soft skin made from stretchy denim that move with you (not against you!) just too much to ask?

Talbot’s asked me to partner with their brand on this blog post to see if they had answers to my fit dilemmas. Jeans that fit in the waist: Check. The curvy fit jeans are made for women with a significant difference between their waist size and their hip size. You don’t want to end up with the too-common problem where a pair fits you in the waist, but squishes your booty and thighs like gum under a shoe on the sidewalk. Even worse, sometimes the script gets flipped and now the waist is so big that it looks like a paper bag! Don’t get me started on jeans that are too big or too tight in the knees – that’s a fashion disaster.

Somehow, and don’t ask me how, they got the fit to be just right for us pear-shaped girls like me. For my apple-shaped sisters in the denim fit struggle – they’ve got your number too. Forgiving waistbands that don’t give you a muffin top? Check. The seat of the jean is cut just right – no sag in the tush, while slim through the leg and all the way down to the ankle. All you need to do is add classic you.

Curvy, skinny, tall, petite — whatever type of silhouette you are, the perfect Talbots denim jeans are waiting just for you! Say goodbye to denim struggles and say hello to the perfect fit.

Story  x @VeronicaWebb
Photographs x @LaurelCreative
Makeup x @MarcCornwall
Hair x @AndreaWilson
Top x @Talbots
Jeans x @Talbots

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