I did a quick accessories update for my basic denim right after I had lunch at Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue. This is what it cost to update my spring style accessories.

Super fabulous Fendi sunnies! You can skip the makeup with the coolest cat eye glasses ever! $550.00 & $445.00

If the shoe fits…

Honey! This is the face Cinderella makes when she buys her own glass slippers! These are some of the most DIVINE looking feeling and fitting shoes I seen in a loooong ass time! They are the perfect spring style shoe.

Brace yourself, these Renee Caovilla high steppers ring in at $1,500. The shoe salesman told me they will most likely never go on sale. That’s a cool $2,995 to get top of line on trend accessories. Ouch! The “oohs and aaaahs are guaranteed for seasons to come.

  1. Choose wisely when investment shopping. Bring your most basic denim and make sure that you can make your everyday wardrobe staples look amazing.
  2. Price shop on GoogleExpress: one stop shop – you’d be shocked at some of the pricing you’ll find on real luxury items. I found the Gucci and the Fendi glasses at 50% below list.

That’s it for the spring style update! Stay tuned for more on Webb On The Fly.




Story x VeronicaWebb
Photos x Marc_Cornwall

RENEE Caovilla Shoes