If you’re looking for fabulous all natural luxury facial when you’re in New York, follow me to my latest discovery, Caudalie Spa on Madison Avenue.

Model Veronica Webb Webbonthefly.com at Caudalie spa NYC Madison Ave wearing a Maison De Papillion Caftan in yellow standing in front of a bookcase in mid century chic apartment

It’s a special feeling when you walk into L’Apartment Spa. The name perfectly fits the feeling of the space. That’s the kind of chic apartment that any New Yorker, except the very rich because they already have an apartment like this one, dreams of living in one day. Flooded with natural light and artfully arranged with sleek, yet very comfy, modern furniture this is as much design inspiration as a wellness space.

veronica webb model seated in a mid-centry modern apartment reading The French Beauty Solution at Caudalie Spa on Madison Ave in NYC
Read the Secret DIY Recipes in “The French Beauty Solution”

As soon as I entered, the charming multi-lingual staff whisked me off to the seating area and installed on the couch in front of the fireplace. I was invited to take my pick and leaf through the pages of any one e of the luxurious volumes on fashion and beauty lining the shelves at L’Apartment’s library. Taking in beautiful images and sipping lemon water was a lovely little escape while I waited my turn to be treated to the “French Beauty Solution” – which by the way is the title of the book by Caudalie creator and founder Mathilde Thomas.

Make sure not to miss this book! Not only does this French author, who’s parents own a vineyard in France, document how she and her husband teamed up with a top scientist to extract and stabilize resveratol and polyphenols, those two mega enzymes associated with cellular turnover, into vital treatment products, the book also has a myriad of beauty recipes and French style secrets that anyone can do at home.

Veronica Webb receives a luxury natural facial at Caudalie Spa in New York City from a facialist beaut y and fashion for mature women
The French Face: Your Skin Care Routine Should Extend to End Of Your Breast Bone

When it came time for my Preimer Cru facial with Régine, every detail from the heated ergonomic treatment bed to the soft sunlight streaming into the burgundy colored room, was pure pampering and relaxation. As a facialtist, Régin, travels the globe for Caudalie as a master aesthetician training staff and treating clients to a rejuvenating massage technique that’s a little like Rolfing.

Caudalie’s signature massage technique where the skin is lifted gingerly away from the muscle, gently rolled and softly squeezed inch by inch, to both drain and detoxify in order to leave the skin feeling smoother and denser as a result. In the 80 minutes I was on the table, the products that were layered on my skin my smelled divine and ranged from a deep-cleansing hydrating mask to a serum to lighten hyper-pigmentation spots and resveratol essential oil mixed with a moisturizer.

Régine taught me two really important things about caring for my face during my treatment: For dry skin, spritz your face with water before you apply your skin care especially if you are mixing essential oil and a face cream together to apply to your face. The water makes the oils and the cream emulsify so that your skin can fully benefit from the hydrating properties of both essential oils and purified water at the same time. Two, and this one is good for everybody, always massage around both your eyes and your mouth with a circular motion for maximum effect. Both the eyes and the mouth are made up of complex interwoven circular muscles which get the maximum benefit of lift and relaxation from being massaged in a circle. Now that puts a smile on my face.


PS. Drop me a line and let me know if there’s any beauty treatments you’ve been dying to try, but that you want me to check it out first?


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