As women we are always struggling. Work-life balance can often times feel like you’re walking a tightrope.

For me, it’s often the responsibilities of being a mom, businesswoman, and model. Along the way, I have discovered a few tips that have helped me to stay sane and keep things in perspective.

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High Wire Act Balancing Home and Work
  1. Keep a schedule.

Have a clear plan for each day keeps me on track. It allows me to reach my goals and work toward them steadily and aggressively. Having a schedule for each day allows me to focus on my kids and remember the big things that they have coming up as well. Multi-tasking is overrated! I get more done by dedicating a chunk of time to a single task and then moving on to the next task at hand.

  1. Put some responsibilities on your kids.

The great thing about having a family is that everything doesn’t fall on you to do. In a family, everyone has to pull their own weight. As my kids got older, I began expecting more from them, which took some of the potential burdens of managing a household off of me and helped them to grow up a bit. Teach your kids the importance of keeping their rooms tidy, vacuuming, cleaning the dishes after dinner and getting their homework done early in the evening. I stopped repeatedly reminding and very often ending up mad and yelling at my kids trying to get them to do chores – I got aggressive with the wi-fi pass word. The kids can’t have access to the password until their chores and homework is complete. Sometimes I change the wi-fi pass as often as once a day if necessary.

  1. Take care of yourself.

We’ve all heard the expression before, put your oxygen mask on first before assisting other people. That mantra not only applies in airplanes but when you are flying through life. Take the time to treat yourself each week by going to get a manicure or sipping on your favorite coffee as you walk around  your neighborhood. And every day give yourself, 15 minutes to just think and breathe, sometimes that might be tough, but there is nothing wrong with retreating into the bathroom, the back porch or hiding out in the car or the garage for a few minutes to regroup and take a break. As a wife and a working mother if you feel broken down how are you going to lift your family up? So, how about you  treat yourself to a moment of silence and a good cup of coffee or a long walk right now. What are you waiting for?


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